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Albanian history

Ten new texts of Albanian history are now available on www.AlbanianHistory.net

1689 – “Kosovo in the Great Turkish War of 1683-1699”
(Manuscript about the Imperial Austrian offensive against Ottoman forces in Kosovo)

1689 – “Kosovo im großen Türkenkrieg von 1683-1699”
(Original German-language version of the document)

1910 – Paul Siebertz “Albanian Women”
(Observations of an Austrian publisher on an expedition in the northern Albanian mountains)

1918 – Mehmet bey Konitza “The Albanian Question”
(Overview of Albania’s situation after the First World War by an Albanian diplomat and political figure)

1931 – “The Balkans in the Operngasse”
(Contemporary newspaper report from Vienna on an attempt to assassinate Albanian King Zog at the Vienna Opera House)

1944 – Lazër Radi “The Autumn of 1944”
(An account of the author’s arrest during the communist takeover)

1945 – “Final Report of the German Wehrmacht in Albania”
(Comprehensive Nazi report on the German occupation of Albania, 1943-1944)

1945 – “Abschlußbericht der Deutschen Wehrmacht in Albania”
(Original German-language version of the document)

1953 - W. F. Stirling “A British Officer in Albania, 1923-1931”
(A British account of life in Albania under Ahmet Zogu)

1972 – Musine Kokalari “How the Social Democratic Party was created”
(The tragic story of Musine Kokalari and her attempt to create a Social Democratic Party)

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